Dakota Hydro-Culture, LLLP


MIMS Photosphere
A complete, medically-sterile, computer-controlled
photosynthetic production artificial environment

DHC has created a master control program called a PHOTOSPHERE.  It is implemented both as a virtual and a physical environment.

The physical Photosphere is a computer-controlled environmental simulator.  The virtual Photosphere exists on the MIMS computer, where the operator can control all parameters of an ideal photosynthetic production environment for any given plant type and growing season.  This virtual-reality for plants is then implemented in one or more Photosphere simulators using the three environmental control programs (Heliosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere) assigned to each simulator.

The MIMS computer can simultaneously run multiple Photosphere virtualizations, for multiple crops, each controlling any number of physical simulators using dedicated copies of the individual environmental control programs.